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Augmented Reality based Uterus Toy 

All your questions about your
health and body answered

Through the magic of AR

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No more silence. 
                 No more stigma.

For Women, Parents, 
Families, Teachers

A chance to know your body and its marvels

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By Youterus Labs Pvt. Ltd., 
Copyright 2019

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For Trainers, Non-profits 
& Health Professionals

Immersive, interactive tool to give you answers about your body & health

 A worldwide community of women & holistic healthcare experts

Know what to do for
PCOS, Endometriosis, Vaginismus, Menstrual Problems, Safe Sex, 

Mental Health, Hormones, Breast-care, Menopause, 
and much more

Re-viewing women's health 
Empowering you with trusted resources and solutions

Available in two models

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